Our Terms and Policies

Effective from June 01, 2019

VINEYARD LINKS ("us", "we", or "our") operates the http://www.vineyardlinks.com website (the "Service").

This page informs you of the terms and required conditions of our website's usage and the usage of any of our services or solutions.

Subscription Fees

The subscription fee is compulsory for the activation of new accounts after registration. The subscription fees are only required in the Vineyard Income Community, Vineyard Partners Club and Vineyard Share and Sell platforms. The subscription fees will also be required to activate suspended accounts as penalty for defaulting. The subscription fee stands for three purposes, which are:

  • - To curb fake accounts in the system.
  • - Allow free flow of participation as it is not logical for anyone to pay the subscription fee and be inactive ordormant because the person will lose the subscription fee.
  • - Take care of admins and run the system without hitch.

Renewal Policy

Vineyard Links has a capital renewal policy that sustains the system. Within 7 days after your initial investment pledge is confirmed in the Vineyard Income Community and Vineyard Partners Club platforms, you will make another investment pledge again with same amount or higher as a recommitment which will be matched and confirmed, once the recommitment investment is confirmed, then you can withdraw your initial investment with the 30% profit on the 7th day of your initial investment confirmation. Your recommitment investment becomes the next capital investment growing in the system which will require another recommitment investment to release it for withdrawal in the next 7 days.

In the Vineyard Share and Sell platform, members are required to renew their subscription every two months, for system maintenance.

There is no renewal policy for the Vineyard Coin Market and Vineyard News Network..

Referral Scheme

It is not a must to refer someone to earn since it is not a chain program, but since it is necessary for the growth of our networks. Sell your referral link and earn 20% from every referral's payment on the Vineyard Share and Sell platform, refer downlines to earn 5% of their investments in the Vineyard Income Community and Vineyard Partners Club, also earn reward bonuses for the Vineyard News Network and Vineyard Coin Market. They do not have to be active in the Vineyard Network Funding program before you can earn.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via live chat, email at admin@vineyardlinks.com or the contact form on the CONTACT PAGE on our website.