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vineyard share and sell

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vineyard income community

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vineyard news network

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VINEYARD LINK is a multi-facet platform with exceptional difference and unique sustainability features that are first of its kind. The Vineyard Community is founded on the principle that "Giving is Living". We give to live; we invest money in each other. We believe that investing in human capacity development is the best form of investment.
The platform is established to create a safe and stable income stream for individuals who are willing to invest money and time to earn from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are with their smart phones.
And the platform offers five (5) ways members can earn legitimate cash:
(1.) VINEYARD SHARE & SELL (VSS) - Register with a one-time fee of N5000 or bitcoin equivalent and get a VSS unique referral link. Share and sell your link with family and friends to register like you. And earn 20%( #2,000) from every new referral that registers and subscribe with your link.
(2.) VINEYARD NEWS NETWORK (VNN) - An all round news and advertising platform where members can earn from putting up ads, sharing news and inviting others to do so. Take advantage of our FREE advert services now.

(3.) VINEYARD INCOME COMMUNITY (VIC) - Invest or lend financial help to a member or members (patriot) of our community today and get 30% intrest or increase of your capital after seven (7) working days.
(4.) VINEYARD PARTNERSHIP CLUB (VPC) - Invest as a businesspartner with Holygift Technologies and get 10% of your capital as profit every 10 days. Also get a one-time 10% commission every 10 days when you refer a new partner.
(5.) VINEYARD COIN MARKET (VCM) - Take advantage of Vineyard Coin Market to buy and sell crypto currencies with ease, security and guarantees.
VINEYARD LINK is created by Holygift Technologies Ltd. We are a registered company with CAC in Nigeria, with high reputation for integrity, transparency and consistency in business over the years.
VISION/MISSION: Our vision is to build a network of individuals who are financially secured by redusing financial stress, joblessness and encouraging/building humanitarian mindsets in our world, through networking and crowd funding ideology. You can invest as much as you are willing to risk and gain on our investment platforms, thanks for your patronage.

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vineyard share and sell
  • ₦5,000 subscription fee
  • ₦2000 commission from referrals' subscriptions
  • Bi-monthly subscription renewal
  • Recurring commissions from referrals' renewals
vineyard income community
  • ₦5,000 subscription fee
  • No commission from referrals' subscription fees
  • 30% ROI in 7 days
  • 5% commission from referral's first investment
  • Auto recommitments
vineyard news network
  • No subscription fees
  • Earn points for daily login
  • Earn points for referring people
  • Earn points for posting hot news
  • Earn points for commenting on news posts
  • Convert points earned to money
  • Promotions and advert placements

vineyard coin market
  • No subscription fees
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Secure blockchain wallet
  • Secure and encrypted transactions
vineyard partnership club
  • ₦5,000 subscription fee
  • No compulsory upgrade
  • 10% commission from referrals
  • 10% ROI in 10 days
  • transfer funds feature
  • Promotions and advert placements
  • Advanced member protection
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reasons why you should join the network
Housing Dream
Join the Vineyard Links Network and refer others to raise money to acquire your dream house.
Education Dream
Education is the best legacy. Raise funds to acquire quality education. It sanitizes the society.
Car Purchase
You can raise funds for a car purchase. No more jumping buses or waiting on taxis, bikes and tricycles.
Bills Payment
Raise funds to pay your utility bills, levies and taxes. You don't have to pay through your teeth.